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Whatever you may call yourself – an environment conservationist or a money saver – Airplot is for you! We have all the information, plans, ways and means to help you out with saving energy and cutting down on power bills. And again, you’ll be doing your bit towards the environment, so why not?


We're doing our best to help you contribute to the environment. After all, it's our collective responsibility, and together we can make a greater impact. Come, join us - Help us make a difference!

Tap natural sources:

We help you tap the potential of natural resources and reduce your dependency on the artificial ones, which burn a hole in your pocket. Everything around you is useful, and incorporating small changes in your home can bring in amazing results!

Comprehensive solutions:

We make sure we keep in mind your needs and home environment before we come up with a carefully planned energy-saving solution for you. We have a tailor-made approach for each client because every home is different.

Quality assurance:

You will get the best – in terms of both – our services and promised returns. We work towards making living a lot better, healthier and yes cheaper too –for you! Get in touch with us to cruise towards better living!

Know how small steps can make a huge difference! Yes, we’ll help you figure out how to conserve energy without doing a lot! All you have to do is be ready to adopt these simple measures which come with minimal investment and sit back and watch the surprising returns!

Save energy with solar

Why not tap the energy potential of the sun that’s blazing on your head? With new, affordable and unique technologies, you can optimise this solar energy to light up your lamps and warm up your baths!

News and Updates

Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Climate change, (sometimes referred to as global warming) is the change of temperature over a long period on and around the Earth’s surface, this can cause weather patterns to shift in the long term. This is not limited to one specific region, it has an impact on the whole planet. It is the reason why sea levels are rising, and glaciers / ice sheets are melting. In some continents of the world, hurricanes and typhoons are occurring more regularly than before, while other continents are facing more heat waves and droughts.

Based on long-term scientific evidence, the IPPC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) published its fifth assessed report on climate change in 2014. They have stated that greenhouse gas concentrations, methane, nitrous oxide, per-fluorocarbons, sulphur hexafluoride and hydro-fluorocarbons caused by human related acidities has been the main reason why climate change has been affected so heavily over the past 100 years.

Effects on climate change

Across the planet, these effects on climate change are already taking place. IPPC reported that there has been a larger increase in average surface temperature of 0.85 degrees centigrade since 1880. Although this number looks small compared to an average daily temperature in any part of the world, comparing this against global change can have a massive overall effect. If the temperature of planet Earth’s surface was reduced by 5 degrees centigrade, we would be in a full ice age. Here are a list of other changes that have currently taken place:

  • Sea level increase by 0.19m between 1910 and 2010
  • Sea surface temperature has increased across the globe by an average of 0.11 degrees centigrade between 1971 and 2010
  • Sea ice reduction was the lowest it’s ever been in 2016, beating the previous record in 2015
  • Precipitation changes, some continental areas of the planet are seeing more intense flooding, and others are facing more droughts
  • Due to ocean acidification, acid in oceans has decreased by 0.1 on the pH scale since the last century

The severity of these changes will continue to rise in relation to the global temperature.

What can I do

The Paris Agreement was produced in December 2015 at the COP21 Climate Change conference. This is a global agreement between countries with the aim to make sure the rise in temperature is within 1.5 degrees centigrade and to make sure that any temperature rise does not exceed more than 2 degrees centigrade compared to pre industrial times. Global emissions must attempt to stabilise and then target reduction for this goal to be achieved. Here’s a few ways on how you can play your part to help:

  1. Calculate your household carbon footprint, this will be based on your consumption and is influenced by your lifestyle and choices.
  2. Have a plan in place to reduce your emissions at home.
  3. Reduce emissions at your workplace and encourage others around you to also take part.
  4. Speak to one of the many motor traders about an electric vehicle and do you bit to reduce the exhaust emissions
  5. Support carbon footprint reduction initiatives across the globe and also inform as many people as possible about the reality of the situation.

Future generations will continue to experience the impacts of climate change on our planet for decades and centuries to come, it is important that we take the right steps going forward and we can all start by taking action today.



Ways to save energy in your house:

The world has plenty of resources to offer us. Some of those resources are renewable, and some of them are not renewable. As humans, we fail to understand the difference between the renewable resource and non-renewable resource. As we fail to understand the difference, we have started to use the resources more than it should actually be used at a given time and space. Finally, we have come to a stage where there are many warning signs. Signs which tell us not to deplete the resources that are given to us, otherwise there will be nothing left for our future generations. None of us can save the whole earth. But we can do our small bit by starting to save a little energy at home. It might not be a big thing, but it matters a lot.

The following are some of the ways you can save energy in your house:

Switching off appliances which are not in use:

How many of us blindly ignore to switch off the appliances which we don’t use. We are often too lazy to go to the other room and switch off the appliances. There are certain things in our homes which are on all the time. Make a list of appliances which you keep on all the time and try to switch them off and check your electricity bills at the end of the month, and you will be able to see the difference. For example, you can switch off the heater and other cooling units like air conditioners when you are not in the house.

Use LED lights:

The world has moved on and so should you. Try to replace your light bulbs with led lights as it will consume very less electricity than your incandescent light bulbs. LED lights are much brighter, and they also last for a longer time. In the place where you will have to use two incandescent bulbs, you can use on LED bulbs.

User Solar energy:

As you become aware of the non-renewable resources, you can shift from using the non-renewable resource to renewable resources. The energy we get from the sun is free, and it is something which every individual can use. You can fix solar energy and save a lot on your electricity.

Use energy efficient windows and doors:

If you happen to have your house renovated, you can consider replacing your doors and windows with energy efficient ones. You can save a lot on your heating and cooling bills by 10 to 25%. When you have energy efficient windows, you can prevent the energy loss through the windows and doors. Adding window lanes or shutters can also add to the insulation of the house.

Use water wisely:

There are countries where you have to pay to get drinking water. Soon this will be the case all around the world. So try not to waste water, and if possible, you can add rainwater harvesting systems in your house.

The importance of renewable energy

All of us must have heard about renewable energy and non-renewable energy sources at least once in our life. Some of us try to pay attention to it, but most of us fail to take it seriously. In the newspapers you must be reading about sudden earthquakes, flooding, melting of peaks and other calamities. These might seem like a natural calamity, but they are warning signs. These signs tell us that if we continue the way we are living and use up all the resources, we will end up with nothing. We are basically destroying ourselves by depleting the resources.

Renewable resources:

Before jumping into the reasons why you need to use renewable resources, first, let us understand what renewable energy means. Renewable energy is a clean, in-exhaustive form of energy. They are available in plenty and such resources do not affect the environment in any manner. Some of the types of renewable energy include wind energy, solar energy, hydraulic energy, biomass energy, tidal energy etc.

The importance of using renewable energy:

Best way to fight climatic changes:

All of us are shocked about how the recent climatic changes that are happening around us. The exhaust from our vehicles, industries and other things causes global warming which heats us the earth and these causes the polar caps to melt. When we use renewable energy, we can prevent letting out harmful gasses into the atmosphere. These resources are safe, and you can rely on it.


You might think that you can easily get gas or petrol at the gas station, but there will be a time when that resource will be exhausted, and you will have to find another way to run your vehicle. Renewable energy is easily available to everyone in the world. Once you make the initial instalments, you can use the renewable energy as long as you want.

Reduces pollution:

Renewable resources do not cause any pollution, and thus you can do your part to make the world a better place. Renewable resources are clean, and they do not harm the earth in any manner. We all know the harmful effects that are caused when coal is burnt. Renewable resources are free of pollutants, and they will make the earth a better place if we start to use them regularly.

The energy of the future:

Soon people will start to understand that non-renewable resources are going to get exhausted and all of them have to shift to renewable energy. It will be better if you are used to such type of energy at a much earlier stage. People are slowly starting to use renewable resources, and as it will be the energy source in the future, you should start using it as soon as possible.

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